Education Talk Show

For those of you who want to know more about homeschooling, i.e.: why parents choose  to teach their own children at home, how to get started, what opportunities and challenges that you will encounter, and many other questions…. you may come to this event, an EDUCATION TALK SHOW which will be presented by Shine & Share Home Education Community.


FESPER 2015 (Indonesia Homeschoolers Festival)


The Camping Ground at Cibodas Golf Park.


Patience & focus, full draw & release. You learn that in Archery. This session was conducted by Al-Fath Archery Club.


Launched a Water Rocket

IMG_0694                   IMG_0698


Sky Observation. Equipments & guidance were provided by Himpunan Astronomi Amatir Jakarta (HAAJ).


Students Exhibition. In this picture, Kaysan, a bird watcher, display some of his birds’ photography and reference books that he use in his observation.


Group picture of Dusun 5. There were all 12 Dusun (villages) in this camping ground, each Village had up to 12 families. Almost 500 peoples participated in this event.