JHC’s Launching

‘Nasi Tumpeng’ Marked the Launch of JHC

Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.
Psalm 127 : 1

After much preparation, finally on November 9, 2010 we held the first meet-up. Ms. Ida, our host, provide Tumpeng (the cone shaped rice surrounded by assorted Indonesian dishes) to celebrate the first day of this club. In the picture above, the tip of the cone is cut off, and Ms. Ida gave it to her mother as a gratitude for allowing us to use her house as a meeting place.

Is it easy to start a homeschool club?

Well. I think the answer depends on what we expect from this club.

I once read an article that said : Parents who homeschool are some of the most driven people on this planet. It’s definitely true! Parents who educate their children play an important role in  determining the right paths of learning  to prepare their children toward the future.


Not all people understand the method we choose, sometimes we can feel alone and frustrated. Also, there are social issues that come up when homeschooling our child. We want to provide a good environment for them to socialize and grow, but we also realize that one day they must go into the community without us, parents, walking beside them. There is only God who will always be there to guide them.

So. We really hope and pray  that  God gives our children wisdom, knowledge and understanding along our ways and our children ways. In this club, we can share and support each other, though it’s impossible for this club to be all things to all homeschooling families in this area.

May this club be an instrument for God to bless us.

Below are some pictures of our very first activities :

The Preparation

Explanation of the club rules and regulation

Today's virtues and values : "WISDOM"

Miss Ida, wearing green hat, introduced 'The Six Thinking Skills' (Edward de Bono)

Portfolio Introduction


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