Christmas Activity

21st December 2010

Christmas Story by Miss Ida

In the beginning of today activity, Miss Ida told a story of  “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s a sad story about a poor girl tries to sell matches. But with Christmas becoming ever more commercial in recent years, we want to remind the kids that Christmas isn’t about fun and festivities. Two thousand years ago, Jesus was born in the harsh simplicity of the stable. The God of great power chooses to appear in poverty and insecurity  to brought light and comfort into the world.

Jesslyn and friends from Montessori still join us in today activity.

The virtue and Value for today is about “Joyfulness”.

Joyfulness –tried to remember the most joyful times to be remembered when facing problems

The children also bring their own hand-made ornament to decorate the Christmas tree.

Miss Dewi reviewed the last science activities of photosynthesis, and also checked the result of experiment that had been carried out by the children at home.

Miss Dewi, reviewing about “Photosynthesis”

Singing the song of “Photosynthesis”

Art and Craft for today :  Christmas Stocking Decoration..!
The JHC’s and Montessori’s Kids were very excited in doing this.
Busy in painting the socks.


Christmas is also a time for generosity and good tidings. There is the generosity that is shown in gifts, but most of the time our children are focused on what they get. Now, it’s the time for them to experience the JOY of giving.
In the previous meet-up we had announced them to prepare a special gift, which should be made by themselves and wrapped with newspaper. Then the home-made gift will be exchanged with their friends. With more effort and creativity in preparing it, we hope the gift will have more meaning and lasting memory.
Just check some pictures below and see how the curiosity and joy reflected in their faces when opening a gift,
Hopefully, when celebrating Christmas this year, we could change the way we look at values. There are more important things than just looking after ourselves. Since God had shows us that the deepest values in life are not about power but about simplicity, showing goodness and love for others, let us celebrate our Christmas in that spirit!

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