Chinese New Year

February 8th, 2011

Did you know? In Chinese New Year tradition, small oranges are commonly served in every chinese home, while the guests will come and bring 2 big mandarine oranges.

Kim is wearing cheongsam, a typical chinese girl costume.

Making the Fu lanternBeautiful Fu lanterns created by JHC's kids!



Simplicity and Beauty

February 8th, 2011

Simplicity is the property of being simple. Something which is easy to understand or explain is simple, in contrast to something complicated.

In some uses, simplicity can be used to imply beauty, purity or clarity.

To learn about beauty, we let the children to go outside and think about the world around them. They notice the beauty of trees and the flowers. They look up at the sky and the clouds, the sun in the daytime, to thank and praise God for the gift of creation. They write down and draw their observations in a notebook, then share it by draw them on the board.


Boris is showing one of the simple design.

Learn about "beauty" by observing God's creation in the garden.

Who want to draw first? Me..Me..Me.. !!

Boris and Hadassah Grouping Up for Narration Writing


Happy New Year !!

January, 11th 2011

As we enter this new year we are all hoping it will be a better year than last year.

We have set the schedule for JHC’s activites in 2011. Not only to strengthen the academic, but there will be sports activities, field trips, character building, cultural and social awareness to enrich the children in getting their wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Even though we do not know for sure what we will face in the future,  let us reflect on His faithfulness and anticipate the many opportunities God is giving us to learn in this coming year.

Elliot is sharing about his christmas and new year celebration.

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