Student Convention

Kim represented Indonesia's Homeschooler at TASC's Opening Ceremony

Some of our JHC’s member attended “2011 Teach Asia Student Convention” which held at Trinity Theological College, Singapore, June 26th-30th. This event is   for students 10 years of age and older from schools and homeschools using the Accelerated Christian Education program. Students from Russia, Hong Kong, Philipines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore compete in five exciting categories including Music, Speech/Drama, Athletics, Arts, and Academics.

This convention is a great opportunity for students, especially homeschoolers not only to develop God-given gifts and talents to win the competition but more of how they prepare for the challenges and develops skills and attitudes that will prepare for their life.

Why is that?


once they have decided which category to compete,  preparations and practices must be started months before the D-day.

Within this process, the parents take part in guiding their children to learn about being organized and systematically tackling a task. They must set out an attainable goal with a deadline then ask the kids to step up and give their best effort.

Kim performed in Singing Competition

One good thing in this convention is that the children were always led to pray first.

Group performance in Instrument Ensemble

Group Bible Speaking, Genesis 15:1-18


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