Psychological Test

Each child learns in a different way, and parents need to understand what work best for their children when it comes to learning. Some children are good in language but struggle in math. Some children are hands-on, while others can do well just by reading (visual) or listening (auditory). Their personality also affect how they learn best. An adventurous child needs to move to learn, so sitting at desk won’t work for them. An inventing child, the “out-of-the-box” thinker, will asks a million questions, although sometimes acts like a daydreamer. This child learns best if after given an idea you let him/her discuss it instead of memorizing facts. Each type brings special strengths and weaknesses.

As parents, especially homeschool parents, it is best if we begin observing and evaluating our child’s learning type at age 6 or 7. Not only we can recognize their learning style but also our own as well. We can avoid many tears and angry outburst when we recognize our different learning styles. It also helps us in choosing a curriculum and adjust our expectation accordingly. How do we do this? If we find it difficult, we can ask experts to help us.

Therefore, at the beginning of 2014, JHC invited counsellors from Grahita Indonesia to do the psychological assessment. Here are some pictures of the testing day.


For younger kids, grade 1-3, they were  tested through their drawings, no stress at all.


The older kids  have to think in answering some questions and do some drawings.

The team from Grahita Indonesia will then evaluate the test papers and give their advice/consultation based on the result to each parent.

We really hope by doing this, we as parents can have a better understanding and provide a better effective learning environment. We hope that everyone can work and learn better while still enjoying their childhood.


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