Magazine Competition & Field Trip to BOBO Magazine

20 February 2014

Competition can be a great way to motivate homeschool students to learn. They will be challenged to learn more, and develop their talents as long as we foster a friendly spirit of competition. It’s not about winning and losing or how to beat other children, but how they can work at their best and also learn from one another.

So, we group JHC kids into three teams and set them to a challenge : to produce and publish a magazine. 

This is a group challenge, the success of each team is based on cooperation rather than competition. Three oldest students were chosen to be the leaders as we want them to learn how to lead and organizing team. JHC will facilitate the children with workshops and field trips which will enrich them with knowledges and skills in doing this project.

To figure out how to produce a magazine, we visited “Majalah Bobo”, part of Gramedia Publishing at Jalan Panjang. After watching the step-by-step videos in  magazine production, the kids put it into practice. Bobo’s crews have prepared bundles of blank A5 size papers and also old issued magazines which the kids can cut-out and then used it to redesign their own magazine.


Watching video about Bobo Magazine


Sample of magazine’s page


Working cheerfully 🙂


Busy.. cutting & pasting, choosing what to put inside the magazine


Melvin chose to write his own story and drew pictures instead of taking it out from the magazine Image

Ashley and her own creation, which was illustrated with her own drawings

After that, we were allowed to tour around their working area and asked questions to the staffs.

Learn from the Reporter

Learning from the Reporter


Learning about Layout Setting


Kak Erna, the Illustrator


Kak Erna is showing how to do coloring with photoshop using Bamboo Wacom


Kim, having a chance to try the Bamboo Wacom

We were very blessed by this field trip because the Bobo Magazine’s team really do their best in sharing their knowledges and experiences with us. They are even willing to be the judges for our magazine competition. YEAY!!!

And you know what…?

The next day, one of the moms surprisingly found that Bobo Online have a news about us! You can read it here :



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