As a Christian Homeschooler we understand that we are representing Christ and Homeschooler wherever we go. Thus the Home School team has come up with some rules and guidelines that will help us achieve these goals:

  • Participants are expected to be punctual in each and every meet – up as we want to be respectful and not waste others’ time.
  • Please be courteous and respectful at all times of the person in charge by following their instructions carefully and to avoid talking amongst ourselves.
  • Remind your children to respect all those in authority.
  • Parents with little one’s in particular are advised to keep their children within reach and supervision as not to disturb the on going activities.
  • We encourage those who want to asks questions to ask at the appointed time by raising their hand.
  • Children and parents will need to dress according to the Club dress code – white polo tops with blue jeans pants/ skirt. Mini skirts are inappropriate and thus prohibited. Black shoes (preferably sneakers) with white plain socks.
  • One of our main priority is to provide a safe community for our children to socialize. Sadly extreme cases, though rare, do happens, thus we will stated now , for all to know that we, The Club Organizers reserve all rights to ban/ expel an abusive member/ child that we deemed has the possibility to injure/hurt other members/ child emotionally/ physically and this conditions will also include and are not limited to child/parents with discipline problems, substance/drugs abuse, pornographic addictions.

Parent Participation Requirements:

The teaching parent of each family has to teach/ take charge of at a minimum one activity for the club each year.


8 thoughts on “Guidelines

  1. Selamat Pagi
    I represent a Chritsian School in South Jakarta. We are opening up a new building in January, 2013.
    We are interested in allowing christian based homeschool groups to avail themselves of our new facility either following school hours, on weekends and during holidays.
    If you are interested in talking with us please contact me on 087880231466 OR email me on

    Nick Combes
    Head of School-Ichthus International School,
    formerly, SPH

  2. Dear sir/madam,
    I have 2 kids, 10 & 11 yrs old, now they are studying in one of national plus school (Primary 4 & 5), so I am interested to join but how can I contact you to give me the explanation abt the program ?

  3. Hi, I’m interested in this club. Please feel free to briefly explain about the activities that you (parents & children) do in the meeting/ gathering.
    Thank you

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