Field Trip to “Rumah Sutra” (Silk House)

March 20, 2012


Silk Worm Larva. eating Mulberry leaves

We had a chance to visit Rumah Sutra at Desa Ciapus, Bogor, West Java.

It was very interesting, because we saw and learned the process of making silk, starting from visiting the mullberry farm, observed the silkworms, then watched how the machines process the cocoons and bring out the finished product of silk fabric.


Mulberry Farm

The Cocoons

The Cocoons


Machine Processing

Craft made with Cocoon

Craft made out of the used cocoon

Show and Tell : Science

Children are naturally curious. Especially young children.

Show and Tell activity gives children a chance to share their knowledge with one another. Even 5-yo- like Owen and Andrea have knowledge that they can share.

Children learn more from this activity and they retain  that learning better. Yes, they need the right support and encouragement to make a simple presentation in front of their friends. But after that, the feeling of accomplishing the tasks and how they can share their knowledges will make them proud. At the end, every one (including parents) learned new things from the presentation.

Science : “Photosynthesis”

14th December 2010

Science or Cooking??

Plants need to photosynthesis because this is how they make their own food, as they can’t eat like we do. They use sunlight energy, water and carbon dioxide to make glucose, which is a form of food.

In order to understand more about photosynthesis, not only bringing wok and sing the photosynthesis song to explained the concept, miss Dewi also conducted an experiment for the kids to do. Not only for JHC’s kids, but this time we have visitors!!

Yes, we have these little guests from Montessori School who joined us in this science activity. Although they are still in kindergarten, but they were very attentive with what is delivered.

Jasper could repeat what he has just learned & answer the question, so smart...!

For the experiment every kid had already prepare : 2 glass bottles, lime water, green leaves and straw.

1. Green Leaves

2. Two glass bottles

3. Label the bottles:

“With Leaves”

“Without Leaves”

4. Blow air on the first glass bottle using straw for 30 seconds to fill the     bottles with carbon dioxide and close the lid.

5. Take the other bottle and blow air for 10 seconds, Put some leaves in it and blow for 30 second then close the lid.

6. Place both bottles under the bright sun for 1 hour.

7. After one hour take both bottles inside to observe.

8. Put lime water into the bottle without leaves and shake it. See how the color of the lime water changes milky — This is caused by chemical reaction. Lime water which is a calcium hydroxide / clear solution react when mixed with carbon dioxide. Thus the mixture becomes calcium carbonate (milky color).

9. Take the botle with leaves and pour in the remainder of the lime water. Shake the bottle and you will see that the color are much clearer than on the other bottle. The reason is because the leaves are absorbing the carbon dioxide in the bottle.

And Hallelujah, GOD is good! We managed to teach the children from all ages the same material. Thank you to our little Montesori friends for visiting us at JHC. GBU all