Character Trait: “Attentiveness”

23rd November 2010.
In this second meet-up, the kids learned the character trait “Attentiveness”.
As usual the Meet-Up starts with singing of the National Anthem – Indonesia Raya & Sumpah Pemuda, Pledge to the Bible and Pledge to the Christian Flag.

Welcoming new friends : Anna - CJ - Jann - Alice

Today’s teaching is about Attentiveness.
We feel that’s its MIGHTY important to teach the values of attentiveness to our kids.

Children listening to MR ROBERT explaining the attitudes in showing that we are ATTENTIVE.

The outlines of the lessons are as follows:

I Will Look At People When They Speak To Me
By intently looking into the face of a speaker, we communicate, “I am interested. I am ready to hear and respond to what you have to say.”

I Will Ask Questions If I Don’t Understand
It is good to ask questions to clarify an instruction. Ask appropriate questions will complete ones understanding.

I will Sit or Stand up Straight
Proper posture enhances the ability to hear and concentrate. Additionally, our body language “speaks” loudly to others about how much we value what they are saying or doing.

I Will Not Draw Attention to Myself
We can communicate inattentiveness if we do this with people. Continually glancing at our watch, shuffling papers, constantly interrupting, reading or continuing to work while someone else is talking to us—what messages are we sending to the speaker? Are we truly giving that person our undivided concentration? Being a distraction steals attention from others who deserve respect.

I Will Keep My Eyes, Ears, Hands, Feet, and Mouth From Distractions
True attentiveness means giving FULL concentration to the person that speaks to us.

Memory Work
I will look at someone speaking
And I’ll listen all I can.
I will sit or stand up straight
Like a soldier on command.

I will not draw attention;
I will guard against distraction.
I will learn to ask the questions
That will help me understand.

Commitments are important steps
To guard us from disaster.
And just to show we know them well,
Let’s say them even faster.



Joshua can directly apply the behaviour....raising hand before asking question is a way not to distract others.

The children learn to practice their attentiveness and writing skill by interviewing their friends.

After the interviews, the children mark the birthdays of their friends on board.